Our past reputation in the janitorial industry precedes us.

However, we started this company knowing that our best work is ahead of us.  Our history has a proven track record. We have over 60 years of combined janitorial and facilities management experience. Our principals founded South Coast Building Services, one of San Diego’s largest and most successful commercial janitorial companies. We have provided janitorial service to every major commercial real estate owner, every type of major pharmaceutical and medical facility, college campus, entertainment venue, international manufacturing entity, HOAs, small boutique retail outlets, and non-profits throughout Southern California and beyond. Our knowledge of this business is like no one else’s because we were the janitors before we became the principals and managers.

In April 2009, we started Sandstrand. We matched our past experience with a laser-like focus driving our philosophy and got to work. Today we are proudly providing clean and healthy work environments for our clients throughout Southern California.


Janitorial service is a demanding, competitive industry.

Both in what the customer needs and what a provider needs to offer.  How do we differ from our competitors? If there is an opportunity to serve our customers in a new or better way, we’ll find it.  Or we’ll invent a way to make it work for them.  There is nothing we haven’t cleaned.  There is nothing we won’t clean.

+ Services
  • Contract Full Service Janitorial Services
  • Day Porter Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Full Floor Care Service
  • Green Cleaning
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Metal Maintenance
  • Stone and Marble Care & Restoration
  • Painting
  • Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Power Washing/Steam Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
+ Workforce


Constant communication, thinking outside of the box, and going beyond what is expected of us is how we work every day.

We believe our success is deeply rooted in a stable workforce and a small, strong upper management team with a direct hands-on approach. Constant communication, thinking outside of the box, and going beyond what is expected of us is how we work every day. New employees come to us by current employees. We hire on referral basis only. As a result, our retention rate is among the highest in the industry because we concentrate on the needs and skills of our staff. We encourage all of our employees to be better at what they do. And we reward those who do so by moving forward with us. We have and will always promote from within.

+ Training & Safety

Training & Safety

Employee safety starts with a strong training program.

We believe employee safety starts with a strong training program. All employees receive immediate training in general janitorial procedures, equipment, chemical usage and safety procedures. However, no two work sites are alike. Site specific training is also done allowing our supervisors to show our new employees all the specialized services needed to succeed in their new work environment.

Our training program is contains six segments: basic industry training, site specific training, green cleaning, advanced industry training, supervisory skills and management development.

We have developed and implemented the following written plans to ensure compliance with applicable environmental and safety laws and OSHA regulations:

Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan: Details the proper labeling, handling and storage of chemical containers including the maintenance of Material Safety Data Sheets. Designed to document compliance with OSHA mandated employee training and to demonstrate a history of compliance with all aspects of OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard through quarterly updates.

Exposure Control Plan: Designed to document compliance with OSHA blood born pathogen training and to demonstrate a history of compliance with all aspects of OSHA Standards.

Written Safety Plan: Designed with the help of Sandstrand’s compensation insurance companies to ensure employee and customer safety, fire prevention, electrical safety, use of personal protective equipment and company safety polices.

In our quest to be better, at Sandstrand our training process never ends. As new equipment, technology and supplies come on to the market, our staff is required to stay current in all phases of commercial cleaning. Through partnerships with our suppliers Waxie Sanitary Systems and Johnson-Diversey, our employees have at least 8 hours of continued training and education on an annual basis to stay up to date on correct procedures for safety, tools, techniques and pertinent environmental standards.

Management and supervisors receive at least 16 hours of training and education on an annual basis.

Our training locations include in-house, at vendor training centers locally and regionally, industry association seminars, manufacture locations and educational institutions.

+ Technology


Clear communication is imperative in today’s competitive business environment.

Many technological advances are used in the commercial cleaning industry today. From the use of microfiber implementations to dilution control systems and state of the art filtration systems, we embrace all improvements that furthers our ability to clean better and faster than ever before.

There is also the ability to use automated reporting to assist in commercial janitorial work. When our customers want to use automated reporting, we use Clean-Telligent or, if desired, comply with a customer’s specific in-house system.

However, we believe strong communication is imperative in today’s competitive business environment. Our success has come from our ability to build relationships with our customers by listening – and responding. Can a software replace that? We do not believe so. We will not 100% automate a process that is inherently human.

We invite our customers to call or email us – anytime. The line of communication between our customers to our janitorial staff to principal owners is very, very short. While automated reporting has brought our industry much convenience, we have found there is nothing like talking though an issue at our conference table to ensure we all understand what needs to be done to address and resolve it. And that’s how we do business.

Green Cleaning

In Swedish, Sandstrand translates to “sandy beach.”

Our name alone illustrates the value we place on the environment. We believe we have an environmental responsibility to our customers, our employees, the community and the planet itself. Green cleaning is the only way we conduct business – it is not an option.

What does green cleaning means to us? The commitment to:

  • Clean to protect the health of our employees and customers without harming the environment
  • Utilize the most current and effective products, processes, technology and equipment that reduce environmental impacts
  • Reduce waste and encourage recycling which saves our customers money

As we strive to be better in everything we do, we need the most current knowledge and up-to-date knowledge in the green cleaning field. What we learn, we pass it on to our customers so they can embrace preferable practices to meet their own sustainability goals and green certifications.

We look to the following agencies to help guide our best green practices:

We understand many of our customers are LEED and/or BOMA 360 certified or in the process of seeking those certifications. Whether our customers need written documentation on the chemicals and equipment usage or assistance in helping their tenants understand recycling guidelines, we believe we can make the biggest impact on the environment by actively partnering with our customers to further the green cleaning mission.

+ Green Training

Green Training

Green cleaning is more than purchasing environmentally friendly product.

We realize green cleaning is more than purchasing environmentally friendly product. To be effective, these products must be used properly and procedures must be followed. And our staff is a critical part of the green cleaning equation to keeping our customer’s properties safe, healthy and high-performing.

We require all of our janitors to be trained on safe green cleaning practices, procedures, and regulations upon coming on board with us. We have partnered with Waxie Sanitary Supply, our supplier and subject experts in the green cleaning field to assist with green education. All janitors attend instruction for approximately 8 hours when they begin employment.

In these classes, cleaning procedures are reviewed and equipment is demonstrated. Green Seal products are discussed and taught how to be properly utilized, stored and disposed of to ensure the safety of everyone. After training, our skilled supervisory staff reviews green practices with janitorial crews on a quarterly basis. We conduct internal audits on a bi-annual basis with spot-check inspections done at random throughout the year.

Meet Sandstrand

We believe to be successful in any business, you need to have passion for what you do.

We are Sandstrand, a privately owned and managed, full-service commercial janitorial company with a simple, and singular driving philosophy: be better.

It may sound simple. But it is simple.

We came together because we believe our business is not only about cleaning, it’s about people. Our business is about connecting to our customers, listening to their needs and responding with our vast experience and quality service – every single day.

Our goal isn’t to be the biggest janitorial company, our goal is to be the best janitorial company. We bring a boutique philosophy combined with an unmatched level of operational success to a very large, very competitive industry. We base our success on exceeding your expectations. And when your expectations are met – we will ask ourselves, how can we be better?

+ The Team
+ Our News

Our News

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+ Kudos

We are proud of what we do. And we are equally proud to have built some outstanding business relationships with our customers. If we are better at what we do, they are better at what they do. It’s that simple.

The Cruzan Team has worked with Sandstrand since 2013. The level of service and quality of their staff is excellent. In addition to their quality, they are incredibly responsive to changing needs and last minute requests. We greatly value our relationship with the entire Sandstrand team. ” Ann Bruce Partner, Cruzan
Sandstrand has been one of our key subcontractors to help us bring that finishing touch to our completed projects. They are 100% committed to providing quality service matched with very competitive pricing that has exceeded our construction final clean-up needs. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with them for many years to come.” Tony Caliger CFO of Innovative Tenant Improvements, Inc.
I have worked directly with Sandstrand Services on many of our projects in San Diego. It is my pleasure to work with their entire team to ensure our properties maintain a level of cleanliness and exemplary customer service. They are consistently willing to help in any way they can to keep the projects looking their best and to adhere to our strict standards. The cooperation and collaboration they bring to the job every day is greatly appreciated. The entire crew has a level of respect for the company that I have not seen with most other janitorial companies in San Diego.” Gina Cartwright Regional Operations Manager, Parallel Capital Partners
With the needs and demands of our highly unique office and working environment, we appreciate our service providers who are well qualified and uniquely focused on providing quality customer service. We selected Sandstrand Services who has proven itself to be wonderfully diverse in providing a multitude of services…..all performed at the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.” Shay Hughes COO of Hughes Marino
We have entrusted Sandstrand Services with our janitorial services for over a year now. Their professionalism and quality of work has been unmatched in this area. Their personal attention to detail and hands-on approach makes their service stand out from all the janitorial services we have had in the past. I highly recommend Sandstrand Services to anyone needing quality commercial cleaning. ” Jennifer Jensen Office Manager, The Medicines Company
We have very distinct properties with unique needs and requests. As such, we appreciate vendors who can think outside of the box to find and implement solutions to those needs. Sandstrand is a great example of a company who not only can meet your requirements but exceed them. For a janitorial provider, they continually go above and beyond their scope of service to accommodate our needs as staying best in class.” Mike Senior Director, Asset Services, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
+ Our Causes

We believe being better is not a philosophy that stops at our front door at the end of each business day. We are passionate about taking care of our clients and we are equally passionate about giving back. We encourage all of our employees to make a difference in our community and in the lives of others. Here are some of the causes we support and deeply care about:


Looking for better janitorial service? We’ll work with you to create unique solutions for your unique needs.

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At Sandstrand we’ve built something special; a janitorial company that is dedicated to providing better service for our customers and better lives for our employees. Looking for something better? Contact us and be sure to let us know who referred you.